Bishop Gold Group Review

Getting a viable investment option is never easy. Many people spend a lot of time looking for ways to multiply their wealth. In the past few years, precious metals have turned out to be one of the most viable investment options. But sometimes getting the right company to invest in can be a challenge.

This is because of the many precious metals companies that exist. It is up to you to conduct due diligence to identify the right company. There are several factors to look at when looking for a good precious metals company. One of them is experience. A company that has been in the industry long enough can be trusted because of its understanding of the sector.

Bishop Gold Group (BGG) is a popular precious metals company whose objective is to help customers make informed decisions before buying or selling precious metals. They have been in business for several years. This has given them a lot of experience and credibility in the industry.

The company mainly started to encourage customers to invest in precious metals and grow their wealth. They understand the kind of trouble most people go through when seeking investment opportunities. That’s why they have a wide range of investment options to match the needs of every investor.

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Important Details about the Company:

• AAA customer rated
• A+ BBB Rating
• 2021 company of the year
• Over 1,000 plus 5-star rating
• They handle more than $ billion dollars of retirement savings

Why Invest with Bishop Gold Group?

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There are many reasons why you should invest with BGG. Below are just a few of them:
• They have many decades of experience
• Expert knowledge of precious metals
• Excellent communication
• Bespoke investment plans
• They prioritize their customers

Products Available to Customers


BGG has a wide range of gold coins for its customers. The American eagle gold coins come in different sizes including 1/10, 1/2, ¼ and one ounce.

There are also a number of Canadian gold coins that include:

• 1/10 ounce gold Maple Leaf coin
• 1/10 and 1/20 ounces 2019 Maple Leaf coins
• One-ounce gold coin
• ¼ ounce gold Maple leaf coin
• Other gold coins on Offer
• 10 Guilder Dutch gold coin
• Mexican gold 5 Peso coin
• 10 Guilder Dutch gold coin
• 1-ounce gold South African Krugerrand coin
• Gold World English sovereign queen Victoria coin
• 14.6-ounce gold Australian kangaroo coin


The company also sells silver products in different sizes. Customers can purchases silver in sizes that are commensurate to their financial ability. Available silver coins include the following:

• 1-ounce silver rounds buffalo highland mint coin
• 1-ounce silver rounds American Buffalo design coin
• 1-ounce silver rounds JFK coin
• 35% silver Jefferson War Nickel

You will also find a 1-ounce silver Canadian Maple as well as the Silver Australian kangaroo coin. The silver bars are sold in one, five, 10 and 100-ounce weights.


The American Eagle Platinum features Lady Liberty on one side and a bald eagle on the other side. The purity rating is 0.9995. You can also get different types of platinum bars and rounds.


Palladium is another popular product offered by Bishop Gold Group. The Canadian Maple leaf features Queen Elizabeth on one side and a sugar maple leaf on the other. Customers can also purchase different types of palladium bars and rounds.

What Are the Advantages of Investing in Precious Metals?

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Precious metals investment has gained popularity across the world in the past few years. This is because many people have realized the numerous benefits of investing in precious metals. Below are some of the advantages of investing in precious metals:

• It helps investors diversify their portfolio
• The price of gold and other precious metals rarely drops
• Unlike other investments such as stocks, gold is not affected by inflation
• Gold is durable unlike other forms of investment
• Gold is a tangible asset

Investment Products on Offer

The goal of every investor is to get good returns from what they have invested in the company. When it comes to precious metals, the type of products being offered by a company largely determines how customers will benefit.

While Bishop Gold Group has some incredible products, it fails to address the major concern affecting average investors. As an investor, you would want a company that offers a wide range of products at pocket-friendly prices. This is where Goldco comes in. Goldco is one of the larger precious metal dealers in the country.

Investment Products Offered By BGG

Gold IRA – This is an IRA that comprises mainly investments in form of gold instead other forms of investments like bonds, stocks or mutual funds. This means that customers can use gold or silver IRAs to grow and diversify their investments.


Considering the value of precious metals like gold and silver, most customers are often concerned about how their products are stored. BGG works in partnership with accredited custodians to transport and store precious metals. The companies are responsible for keeping your precious metals safe and secure until when you need to use or sell them.


Every product you purchase is insured. This means it will be replaced in case of damage in the course of transportation.

How Does One Get Started?

Are you ready to invest with BGG? Well, the process is very simple. Below are the steps involved:

• Register an Account: The first thing is to open an account with the company. The registration process takes less than five minutes, provided you have all the information required.

• Select the product you want to purchase: After opening an account, the next step is to decide on the type of product you would like to purchase. There are several types of precious metals listed on the company’s website.

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• Make the Payment: The Company has different payment options that customers can use to purchase its products. Once your account has been approved and you have selected your preferred product, the next thing is to pay for the product or products you have ordered.

Customer Service

According to the information on their website, the company responds to customer emails within 24 hours. They also have a contact where customers can contact to inquire anything about their products. However, there have been complaints from previous and existing customers that the company takes a long time to respond to calls or emails.

Resources for Investors

Existing and prospective investors can get answers to most of their questions on the company’s FAQ page. They clarify many issues including:

• How does one invest in precious metals products?
• What type of gold can I buy?
• Which precious metals should I invest in?
• What is platinum?
• What is Palladium?
• What are the risks involved in precious metals investment?
• How can I monitor the prices of gold and other precious metals?
• How safe is my gold after purchasing from you?
• What determines the price of gold?
• Can I sell back my silver or gold after purchasing from you?

What Are the Red Flags of BGG?

Looking at online reviews from previous and existing customers, it is difficult to point out anything that can be termed as a red flag for the company. There are just a few instances where customers say that the company’s customer service is not as effective as it should be.

Customer Reviews

The company has a lot of positive reviews online. Their website contains feedback from several customers who have transacted with them before. There was one particular customer who was concerned about the credibility of BGG. Upon contacting the company, the customer says they were taken through different products and their advantages.

Another customer wrote and said that she has already bought three different products from Bishop Gold Group and had no regrets so far. She described the purchase process right from the start to the end and praised the organization’s customer representatives for their proper guidance.

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Someone else pointed out the type of educational resources and support offered by the company to its customers. The customer said that he once contacted BGG to inquire about their gold investment products. He continued to say that he was directed to a specialist who elaborated on gold products and answered all the questions he had.

Nonetheless, there are a few customers who feel dissatisfied with certain things in the company. For example, there was a customer who complained about how they contacted the company but failed to get any responses for more than a week. However, it is not clear what specific issue the customer was complaining about.

Is Bishop Gold Group a Legitimate Company?

Yes, this company is legitimate. Although they have been in operation for only four years, they have proved to serve their customers with honesty and diligence. It is true that they might take time before getting to the level of other precious metal giants like Goldco, but the company currently has a track record of good. They have a physical office in Century Park East, Los Angeles, California.

Pros and Cons of BGG

• They value their clients more than anything else
• They have excellent reviews from popular websites like the Better Business Bureau and Google
• They provide customers with gold IRA rollover for traditional
• They have a variety of golf and silver products


• Most customers complain about delayed responses
• They don’t have verifiable affiliates that can serve as guarantors
• They don’t have a lot of storage options
• The process of setting up a gold IRA is long and tedious. This can discourage many investors from enrolling.

Final Verdict

Any form of investment needs to be taken seriously. The same applies to precious metals investment. There are many companies dealing with precious metals. This can make it difficult to know which one is the best to work with. Goldco is an example of precious metals Company that has surpassed customer expectations.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or just planning to get started with precious metals investment, it is good to find a company that understands the industry well. A company that has the interest of its customers at heart.


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