Alabama Numismatics Review and Complaints

Alabama Numismatics is a dealer in a wide variety of precious metals, including gold and silver. They also have other rare and unique items for sale. Below we will discuss what services Alabama Numismatics provides and compare them with their competitors.

We will discuss how easy it is to use and how to buy metals on the site. We will also discuss what kinds of benefits you get from buying precious metals from Alabama Numismatics.

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Product Type: Silver Coins, Numismatic Coins, Gold Coins, Platinum and Palladium Coins
Owner: Alabama Numismatics was founded in Alabama in 1972. The company’s founder, who calls himself Mr. Taylor, is himself a former coin collector. He wanted to help people in the coin collection world by starting a business that trades in a wide variety of precious metals.

Mr. Taylor is still active at Alabama Numismatics, and he still maintains his original passion for his work.

Rating: 4.5/5

Pros & Cons of Alabama Numismatics

You Get A Lot To Choose From
The company has an excellent selection of coins. It offers a wide variety of silver, gold, platinum, and palladium coins. The company has over 250 different kinds precious metals in stock. You will find something that piques your interest in precious metals.

But the company offers more than just coins and metals. You can find other rare and interesting items there too. The company also has several other types of collectibles for sale. You also can choose from art, antiques, rare coins, stamps and even ancient coins. You will most likely find something you like. If you are looking for gifts, there is something on their website your loved one will enjoy. Just look around the site. You will not come away disappointed.

Excellent Customer Service
When you buy from the Alabama Numismatics website, you can be sure that they will take care of you. They are highly rated with a high degree of customer satisfaction. They offer excellent customer support whether by phone or email. They also have a money-back guarantee if customers are not satisfied with their first purchase on the website.

Getting Around Is Easy
The site is straightforward to navigate. The site makes it very easy for customers to find what they are looking for. There you can also find a lot of good information about the precious metals they offer for sale. This means that customers are better informed before making a purchasing decision. When buying precious metals, the more information you have the better.

Great Prices
The company strives to offer its customers competitive prices on its precious metals products. The costs of the precious metals are actually quite reasonable. It is one of the best ways to build an affordable collection of precious metals. You can also easily sell your products once you have finished using them.

Multiple Orders
Customers can make multiple orders of precious metals products. This makes it easy to purchase varying quantities of precious metals. This means you can adjust the size of your collection as needed without making one-size-fits all orders.

You also have the option of buying multiple different types of precious metals. This can be useful if you want to grow your collection of precious metals quickly. This makes starting a precious metals portfolio much easier for the beginner. Even for long time collectors, finding everything you want in one place is a good option.

Free Shipping Over $100
You have the option of free shipping with orders over $100. This makes for big savings in shipping fees when buying from the website. You can even get free shipping on returns even if the order was under $100. This makes the return process even simpler. You can shop with relatively little risk.

The Company Does Not Accept PayPal
If you prefer PayPal as your online payment option, you’re out of luck here. The company unfortunately does not have a pay by PayPal option. The website only takes credit cards. Which is disappointing for those who don’t like handing over their credit card information to random websites.

Complaints About the Company’s Customer Service
There are complaints that the customer service representatives are not responsive and lack good English communication skills. Some have complained the due to poor English skills, customer service will have a hard time solving your problems. This may make getting resolution to a legitimate complaint much harder.

No Warranties
The company does not provide a warranty on purchases. The goods are sold as-is. This may make it the free return policy less useful if something you bought doesn’t work. The buyer should definitely beware. Be sure to choose carefully what you buy. Higher-quality products may your best bet here.

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