Boston Bullion Review

Located in Boston, MA, Boston Bullion provides gold bullion and other precious metals for sale through their website. They have more than 30 years of precious metals experience and make it their mission to provide quality products and service at the best price. Not only that, but a variety of media sources have also acknowledged this company.

Warning: Because Boston Bullion is NOT our #1 Choice.. we have an alternative we recommend called Goldco

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Company Details To Know About:

More than 1,100 ratings of 5 stars
More than $1 billion in savings protection.
Customer rating of AAA
Company of the year for 2021
Winner of 5x Inc 500

Things To Know About Boston Bullion

Type of Product Offered

The Boston Bullion provides bullion from a variety of sources and provides clients with the best service, value, and quality. The type of bullion and products that are available involve belt buckles, letter boxes, rollers, coins, and bars.

Boston Bullion Owner

The owner is David S. Bernstein. In the beginning, Bernstein began in the financial field as a Merrill Lynch investment banker. While there, he obtained an MBA from Columbia. Following his obtainment of his MBA, he rejoined Merrill Lynch to become a dividin manager for precious metals. This division covered buying and selling of precious metals that are held privately. As 1986 came around, he decided to part with this division and to concentrate on selling precious metals through the company.

Overall Rating

The overall rating is 3.7 stars. This rating originates from more than 30,000 customer reviews worldwide.

The Boston Bullion Website

The website that provides customers with ordering bullion features prices, history, and products. These are all important details involving their products. The website also provides testimonials and many ideas for customers who are in search of great gifts for others.

Contacting Them

In order to get in touch with them regarding products, you need to complete a contact form and submit it. Once received, a representative will be in touch with you within 2 days. Keep in mind that not all products may be covered.

1 OZ Silver Maple Coin Pricing

The 1 oz silver maple coin’s price is an important part of the purchase process and the buyer makes an important decision to buy that is based on the amount they want to pay. In order to have the most accurate price, it is best to visit their website for current prices for each of their available products.

Methods of Payment

When it comes time to pay, there are a few options available. The option you decide on will be dependent upon the customer using a credit card. When it comes to credit card use, this can be seen as a safe manner so that the buyers can be seen as being legitimate.

They also provides a payment option that allows payment to be made by bank wire, check, or money order. You also can make payment for your personal or business account with a credit card. In order to obtain more information, you can send an email that is connected to the account.

Shipping Your Precious Metals

They utilize several warehouses for shipping purposes, although the products will originate from their Boston warehouse. Besides Boston, other warehouse locations can be found in Vancouver, New York, and Chicago. In order to have your product shipped, you will need to add the shipping price. Currently, the price for shipping internationally is $19 and for domestic shipping is $13. All times for shipping will vary on the product you purchase, but normally you should receive your products within 5 days of purchase.

Boston Bullion Advantages and Disadvantages


Boston Bullion will buyback any bullion that the customer feels they no longer wish to keep regardless of the price. This incentive is very attractive and allows clients to feel encouraged to keep buying.

The comapany only provides genuine bullion and products that are of the highest quality. The gold, platinum, and silver that they offer is among the best available. Their best bullion products include their bullion bars and coins. These bullions are among the best because of their direct importing from Argor Heraeus, Noble, or Pamp refiner.

A 100% customer guarantee is provided on all of the products sold through them. This allows the customer to have peace of mind knowing that they can obtain their money back if they have any issues in the future.

All customers are able to take advantage of storing their bullion through the company’s storage vault for free. This capability is not seen by many other bullion brokers, which makes this a nice feature to have available.

You have an option to make a charitable donation once you make a purchase by supplying charity information and making a 10% charitable purchase in the charity’s honor. The complete amount will be the value of your order for the charity.

When you decide to sell, you have options available to sell them back. When the company buys your bullion you will get the fairest price possible. This allows you to receive a nice return without having to lose much once you sell.

They have offices in Boston, Chicago, Vancouver, and New York. This allows you to purchase from a location that is nearest you so you can quickly obtain the highest quality silver and gold bars and coins. This also allows for short waiting times on shipping.


Discounts are not available on purchases that are bulk in nature. This means that you will be paying whatever the going price is for 1 ounce and the same will apply for a bar or coin that is 10 ounces. When you are looking to save on bulk purchases, then you will benefit by purchasing your bullion using bitcoin. However, you will experience fees with this payment option.

Silver and gold bars need to be paid for with wire transfer or cash. This may become problematic if you do not have the necessary cashflow or ability to make a significant investment in any bullion.

Boston Bullion has no special offers or any promotions such as buy one, get one half off or any other product item for free after paying a certain amount. There is really no way to save money when the price for silver or gold bullion will always be at a fixed price.

The return policy at the company includes not paying or making a return for wrong products that were sent. What they will do is offer a discounted return in the form of a credit or a gift card. This may be viewed as discouraging to investors because they know that many other brokers will gladly refund the entire price of a refund regardless of it being an error.

Plenty of issues exist from a legal perspective due to many investors who are continually utilizing Boston Bullion but only obtain products they view as fake. These products will not be refunded any money due to the items being fake.

When you are buying online and having a shipment to a New York address, you may experience an additional fee in the range of $25. This is another discouraging disadvantage to be aware of as opposed to brokers that are local.

The Scam or Legitimacy?

Many have come to believe that many of the online precious metal brokers are scams, regardless of where the company is located. The good part is that it is as legitimate as one can imagine. Not only that, but the broker is also BBB accredited with a rating of A+. Plus, quite a few websites that provide reviews continuously show positivity towards Boston Bullion.

Deciding to Sell

No matter where you purchase your precious metals from, you can sell them to the company if they are the same type that they sell. When you sell, you can keep the bullion in its packaging as well as meeting the standards of their quality.

Many of the prices for buying will be at a lower price than what the price was at the original sale. They are upfront about the method used to determine the online quote.

Warning: Because Boston Bullion is NOT our #1 Choice.. we have an alternative we recommend called Goldco

Currently, Goldco continues to provide a free 10% in silver depending on the amount.

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Company Details To Know About:

  • More than 1,100 ratings of 5 stars
  • More than $1 billion in savings protection
  • Customer rating of AAA
  • Company of the year for 2021
  • Winner of 5x Inc 500


As a company, Boston Bullion is a precious metals broker that is able to offer investors with great bullion while maintaining a great standing among investors. Not only is the company reputable, but the precious metals are able to be obtained both online and in-store. This buying option is great for a small business to have.

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