Elite Numismatics Review

Products: Precious metals
Owner: Matt LePosa
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Precious metals are a suitable investment because they offer you an opportunity of owning an asset with an intrinsic value that cannot be eroded by inflation. Precious metals are also a good investment option because they have high liquidity.

When you want to sell or buy precious metals, it is essential to use trustworthy and scrupulous dealers. This is because, aside from getting a fair price for your precious metals, you also want to be sure that the precious metals you purchase are worth the value of your investment.

Therefore, looking at a company’s track record, experience, commitment to educating investors, and approval by precious metals-related associations is essential. A company’s collection of precious metals also gives you a clear picture of your investment options.

Although Elite Numismatics has accomplished most of the requirements to make it a trusted precious metal dealer, some of the reviews from their customers prove otherwise. Therefore, before selecting Elite Numismatics as your dealer, we recommend you look at other trusted precious metals companies like Goldco. The following are reasons why Goldco is among the most preferred precious metals dealers worldwide.

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About Elite Numismatics

Elite Numismatics recently changed its name to Elite Rare Coins. The company has over 30 years of experience in precious metals dealings. It is also a member of the American Numismatic Association.

Elite Rare Coins has global connections with other precious metals dealers. This means they can get you any rare coin you desire. The company is also among the few authorized distributors of the Germania Mint and has a reputation for serving countless customers from all over the country.

Some of the services offered at Elite Rare Coins include buying and selling individual coins. The company also offers silver, gold, platinum, copper, and palladium bullion.

Due to the extensive experience of the professionals at Elite Rare Coins, they provide detailed evaluations for your coins and give you all the information you need regarding their monetary value. Additionally, Elite Rare Coins performs all the buying and selling activities on private Facebook groups. The company claims that Facebook makes accountability for transactions easy.

The company encourages face-to-face trade by organizing a variety of shows to showcase its collection of precious metals. This might be one of the reasons why there is hardly any substantial information about precious metal prices on their website.

Matt LePosa, the owner of Elite Rare Coins, explained that the motivation to start the company came from his lifelong enthusiasm for collecting rare coins. He also said he started the company to share his passion with the local community.


As an investor, knowing the tips to help you determine whether a coin is worth good money is essential. This is to avoid collecting worthless coins, especially if you plan to invest in a precious metals company that specializes in a wide variety of coins, like Elite Rare Coins.

You can consult coin books and magazines like the Blue Book. Alternatively, you can consult coin experts to make the right choice.

You must visit the Elite Rare Coins physical store to examine and look at all the coins they have available. The following are some of the precious metal products available at Elite Rare Coins.

Germania Mint

Elite Rare Coins avails a variety of rare coins from various reputable mints like the Germania Mint. Some of the rare coins obtained from the Germania Mint that are currently available at Elite Rare Coins include:
• PCGS G06
• PCGS AU55 Reeded Edge

Unique designs and high-quality workmanship characterize coins from Germania Mint, which is why it is among the fastest-growing mints globally. The Germania Mint was established in 2018. The Kurowski Group is responsible for designing, packaging, producing coins, and marketing Germania Mint products to various coin dealers like Elite Rare Coins.

Each coin from Germania Mint has unique packaging that protects it from damage and complements its story. Germania Mint has released different series of coins that have interested a good number of precious metals investors globally.

Aside from rare coins, Germania Mint also started releasing silver bars in 2021. However, the weight variety of silver bars available at the moment is limited, but the company is working to increase investors’ choices.

One of the reasons why Germania Mint produces products with a high value and appeal is because they are a reputable member of the numismatic community. The company also values the collectors’ and investors’ opinions about their products.

Why Elite Rare Coins Sells Precious Metals From Germania Mint

According to the Germania Mint, all their coins, other than the 2019 coins, are authorized with a certificate of authenticity. Germania Mint provides a list of all their coin editions so as to ensure there is no confusion about which models they have in their collection. This is why their limited selection of rare coins is popular.


Investing in precious metal bullion comes with different risks. Firstly, storing precious metal bullion is not easy. Additionally, gold bullion does not earn passive income.

However, the benefits of owning precious metal bullion exceed its disadvantages. They are a great way to diversify your investment portfolio. They are also easy to buy and are a great store of value. Some of the precious metal bullions available for investors at Elite Rare Coins include:
• Copper
• Palladium
• Platinum
• Gold
• Silver

Rare Coins

One of the reasons investors prefer investing in rare coins is because of their rarity. As the supply of rare coins constantly reduces over the years, their demand and prices increase.

Additionally, unlike silver or gold, there are hardly dramatic shifts in the price of rare coins. Despite the consistent rise in the price of rare coins over the years, they remain affordable even for beginners.

Investing in a collection of rare coins is a better strategy than collecting individual coins. This is because collections of coins have a higher value than individual pieces when resold.

There is a limited selection of individual collections of rare coins on the Elite Rare Coins website. They also update some rare coins on their Facebook page.

Appraisal Services

Elite Rare Coins offers appraisal services for all its clients. The company does not mention the charges offered for the service. However, they claim their expertise and extensive experience in the coin industry help them provide trustworthy appraisal services for their clients.


Elite Rare Coins makes in-store sales most of the time. As a result, delivery is usually minimal. However, Elite Rare Coins occasionally posts new coin collections on their Facebook page and urges customers to call and make their orders to get free delivery.

Resources for Investors

Elite Rare Coins has provided their contact information all over their website for any investor interested in investing in their products. The company also encourages customers to contact them for inquiries about their services and products.

In addition, they have provided a subscription section that allows existing clients and new customers looking to invest in their company to get news and updates about their products and services. Elite Rare Coins has also provided a link specifically for clients looking to sell their coin selection to them. Additionally, there are Facebook and LinkedIn links for all clients interested in following Elite Rare Coins on different social media platforms.

Red Flags of Elite Numismatics

No internet search will take you directly to the Elite Numismatics page because the company is currently closed. The firm also has very few customer reviews. This makes it hard to judge whether the company has a good reputation.

Additionally, no information has been provided to explain why the company was closed. However, their one-star rating indicates that Elite Numismatics might have been closed due to poor services or low-quality precious metals.

Upon the closure of Elite Numismatics, the company decided to change its name to Elite Rare Coins so as to stay in business.

Despite being in business for over 30 years, the Elite Rare Coins website provides limited information about its products and services. A minimal selection of rare coins sold by the company is displayed on its website. If you are an investor interested in making a significant precious metal purchase, Elite Rare Coins is not a suitable company for you.

Pros and Cons of Elite Numismatics


  • Provides face-to-face services
    • Germania Mint recognizes the company
    • Extensive network capabilities to satisfy clients’ needs
    • Provides comprehensive services to clients regardless of their level of experience in the market
    • Transparency with their clients


  • Limited options for investors who cannot visit the shop physically
    • Limited information about the company online
    • Few customer reviews

Why Should You Use Goldco for Your Investment

Goldco has a long-standing reputation for excellent customer service, with countless positive reviews on Trustpilot, TrustLink, and Google. In addition, the Goldco website has a simple design, making it easy for investors to navigate and make an informed decision on their investment.

Aside from catering to the needs of its online customers, Goldco also offers an opportunity for all precious metals investors interested in face-to-face sales. Their physical shop is located in Calabasas, CA.

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The company is trusted by influential media personalities, including Chuck Norris, Sean Hannity, Ben Stein, and Stew Peters. This is due to its high-quality precious metal products and outstanding customer service.

Goldco has specialists dedicated to helping investors interested in diversifying their portfolios with precious metals, IRAs, or silver and gold. They carefully guide you through each step from beginning to end and ensure you understand everything before committing to any investment.

The mission of Goldco is to help investors achieve financial security by providing solutions that can help safeguard their wealth. Goldco believes investing in precious metals is one of the most effective retirement-saving strategies for all investors.

Use Goldco for your precious metals investment to access reliable and high-quality precious metals. Goldco also ensures to provide you with the best prices in the market.

Final Verdict

Elite Numismatic has a one-star rating, and Elite Rare Coins, on the other hand, has a rating of three and a half stars. In addition, there is minimal information on the internet that gives a clear answer as to when either of these two companies was founded.

However, if you research these two companies, you will find some relations. Elite Numismatics and Elite Rare Coins have some shared webpages and emails, which in some ways, confirm the connection between these two companies.

Although the authorization of Elite Rare Coins/Elite Numismatics by the Germania mint may show its authenticity, the company’s red flags cannot be ignored.

It is crucial to invest in a precious metals company that you can completely trust. As a result, you should consider investing in companies like Goldco, which is currently among the most trusted precious metal dealers in the United States.

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