Gold Alliance Capital Review

Are you becoming nervous about your daily stock market checks? Do you worry about the future of your retirement portfolio since all of your money is held in the stock market? Then maybe you might consider diversifying your portfolio by purchasing precious metals.

Numerous financial experts believe a Gold IRA is a good way to hedge your retirement savings against stock market risk. When it comes to selecting a precious metals supplier for your IRA, though, the options might be overwhelming.

Here we will look at Gold Alliance Capital, a leading precious metal company. Please keep reading to learn more about the company’s background, services, and other information to help you choose the best option for setting up a Gold IRA.

The Best Alternative to Gold Alliance Capital

>>>Goldco (Get Their FREE Gold Guide and See if You Qualify for FREE SILVER)

Goldco was formed in 2006 by Trevor Gerszt, who saw the potential for people to use precious metals to secure their financial future. Goldco’s many services are the establishment of Gold Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), so you can rest assured knowing that you are getting help from a reputable organization.

Working with Goldco, you have the option of buying gold and silver coins for your portfolio in addition to your retirement account.

About the Company

Gold Alliance Capital opened its doors in 2002 and has been operating for two decades. The company helps people set up precious metal IRAs and acts as a general dealer. Conservative media celebrity Mike Huckabee, among others, has voiced support for the company.

The company claims that customer loyalty has allowed them to remain in business for a long. Their goal in working with a customer is to establish a long-term relationship. There is no such thing as aiming to “simply make the sale.” Instead, the focus is on guiding the customer toward prudent investing.

Gold Alliance Capital is well-known for assisting precious metals IRAs, particularly gold and silver. They assist you in creating an account and then buying the items you want. The company has employed many specialists to help you navigate the rules and possibilities.

Gold Alliance Capital is committed to helping its customers become financially secure. As an investment, precious metals can protect you against the ups and downs of the stock market and inflation. That is why they belong in any well-rounded investment plan.

Customer confidentiality is also given top consideration. Some investors like buying precious metals as a kind of extra insurance. Gold, silver, and other precious metals are not tied to a single bank and may be safely held in locations with little government monitoring.

You will be assigned a personal Account Executive as soon as you begin working with the company. That individual is qualified to respond to your questions. Over time, they will grow to know you deeper and become more in tune with your preferences and requirements. The company’s upper-level portfolio managers will also be accessible to you. This group’s seasoned investment pros are well-versed in all aspects of managing a gold and silver stockpile.

An extensive collection of videos, articles and other resources for learning will be at your disposal. You will get updates through email on the state of the international economy and the precious metals market.

Lastly, get continual assistance with your portfolio. The service staff will help you manage your documentation and provide a secure location for your metals. Additionally, they will show you how to make deposits and withdrawals from your retirement account per all rules and laws.

The great majority of Gold Alliance Capital’s opinions on various review sites are good. I can tell that this means that they genuinely consider these consumer rules. According to several satisfied clients, they wouldn’t consider ever leaving our business.


Numerous honors and a generally excellent reputation on the internet.
Right-wing figures like Mike Huckabee back the company.
More than two decades of experience in the field of precious metals.


The company appears to attempt to counteract customer complaints posted online.
The IRA offerings are not as comprehensive as those of other rivals.
How To Start with the Company

Opening a self-directed IRA is the initial action. The account differs from a standard IRA because it allows the account holder to make investment decisions independently. Instead, you are entirely on your own when making investment decisions.

Likewise, self-directed IRAs allow you to put your money into non-traditional investments. A couple of such examples include real estate and virtual currencies. Both gold and silver are examples of this.

You can put some of your retirement savings into precious metals if you do so under the IRS’s rules on the purity and type of metal. Creating and funding this account is easy, thanks to Gold Alliance Capital’s assistance.

You can take the money straight out of your 401(k) or other retirement plan. The process of rolling over your funds is free of charge. Having a group on your side is great because the paperwork can be difficult and time-consuming.

Then, you can use the money to buy whatever precious metals you like. Your account executive will be a crucial participant in this procedure. Inquiries into your requirements will be made.

The agent will then make product recommendations and address your concerns. In the end, it’s all about pointing you toward products with strong track records and the kind of sustainable growth you are hoping to achieve.

Gold Alliance Capital is available to you even after your initial investment. You can discuss the status of your metals, your long-term goals, and how you choose to receive distributions when the time comes. When you are set to liquidate, they will also buy back your metals.

Storage and Custodianship of Precious Metals

Precious metals IRA assets must be stored in an authorized depository. They cannot be lawfully kept in your house. The depository must adhere to IRS security and insurance rules.

Several storage alternatives are accessible in the United States and worldwide. However, Gold Alliance Capital regularly collaborates with the Delaware Depository. This repository is exceptionally secure and benefits from Delaware’s tax regulations.

Every account in the vault is wholly insured, providing you with a piece of mind in the long term. You can inspect your precious metals in person at the Delaware Depository. If you have an alternative depository in consideration, the company can also accommodate it.

As a custodian, Gold Alliance Capital often collaborates with Equity Trust. The business that handles your account is known as your custodian. You will be charged annual keeping and maintenance costs.

If you work with Equity Trust and the Delaware Depository, you must pay $180 per year. The flat price is preferable to percentage-based fees since you do not pay as you gain more.

You may save more storage and upkeep costs than a typical IRA. This is because transaction costs are often calculated as a fixed proportion of total assets. The costs you will have to pay due to your account balance growing are proportional to your deposit amount.

Your custodian has to assist you in monitoring your account. You need to be able to log into your account with them online. Quarterly printed statements detailing the progress of your assets may also be sent to you.

Learning Resources

Gold Alliance Capital’s website features various helpful learning materials. If you are interested in investing in precious metals, you can get a free beginner’s guide. The current market value of precious metals can be viewed separately.

Similarly, the site features a section that discusses silver’s benefits. Silver is unique among precious metals because of its many industrial uses. Its demand is expected to rise as more industries discover its usefulness in various machines and electronics.

The company’s article illustrates how precious metals might help your IRA, especially during economic uncertainty. This information will assist you in better understanding how diversifying your account might impact your prospects.

Finally, there is a FAQ section where the firm addresses queries concerning investing in gold and silver. This is where you may discover more about various precious metals goods.

The Best Alternative to Gold Alliance Capital

>>>Goldco (Get Their FREE Gold Guide and See if You Qualify for FREE SILVER)

Goldco was formed in 2006 by Trevor Gerszt, who saw the potential for people to use precious metals to secure their financial future. Goldco’s many services are the establishment of Gold Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), so you can rest assured knowing that you are getting help from a reputable organization.

Working with Goldco, you have the option of buying gold and silver coins for your portfolio in addition to your retirement account.


Is Gold Alliance Capital a Scam?

It is safe to say that Gold Alliance Capital is not a fraud. Even if there isn’t much information about the firm on other websites, the BBB has a lot of data about them. Accreditation from the Bureau dates back to 2017, and they’ve earned an A+ grade.

Additionally, the BBB website has 173 consumer reviews. These do not go towards the overall rating but provide insight into other consumers went through. Nearly everyone rated five stars, with an average of 4.96.

There are also a small number of negative comments compared to positive ones. Only four formal complaints were lodged during the preceding three years, and none of them were made in the previous twelve months.

It’s important to note that the BBB has made available the contact details of a customer care agent who deals specifically with complaints. No new complaints have been received since this was implemented.

It means that the company will make an effort to fix the problem internally without you having to involve a mediator. If your issue can be settled quickly and amicably off the record, you may skip filing a BBB complaint.

Communicating with the Company

A representative from Gold Alliance Capital will be in regular contact with you. It is helpful that the company provides this kind of service because dealing with some precious metals companies requires you to handle everything on your own, which can be daunting for first-time investors.

In Summary

Gold Alliance Capital has earned a trustworthy reputation. They have been operating since 2002 and have supporters, including former governor Mike Huckabee. Likewise, the company has received several glowing testimonials from satisfied clients. The vast majority of the reviews are favorable, with customers complimenting the service and the quality of the offered services and products.

Keep in mind that the corporation seems to make some attempts to erase unfavorable internet reviews. However, the number of compliments much outweighs the complaints. The few criticisms were based more on speculation than hard evidence.

There is no risk in investing in Gold Alliance Capital. They appear committed to their customers and concerned about maintaining a positive image. However, some of the rivals may offer more comprehensive IRA plans.

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