Gold Center Review

Throughout history, very few investments have been able to rival gold in popularity and returns. Gold is widely used for making ornaments and jewelry. That’s why investing in gold offers long-term stability.

Your investment can withstand currency fluctuations and economic upheaval. Gold investment can be the right move when diversifying your portfolio. Several precious metal companies are willing to help you own gold, silver, and platinum among other metals.

Working with a company with industry experience will help you navigate the technicalities of gold investments.

Warning: We DO NOT recommend the Gold Center as our top choice if you are looking to invest.

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If customer testimonials are anything to go by, this company would be your best bet, especially for newbies. You can rely on their expertise and wide selection of investments to make the right choices.

You can also explore our top five precious metal investment companies or continue with The Gold Center review.

About The Gold Center

The Gold Center specializes in selling gold. The company is headquartered in Naples, Florida. They are one of the country’s largest gold and silver wholesalers, with years of experience in the market.

They can be a great place to start your gold investment. The company offers reasonably competitive prices and metals of different sizes to cater to different needs. Their unique business model ensures they capitalize on the changes in supply and demand of coins, jewelry, and bullion.

They have experts readily available to help you get started. Their bullion coins are meant to give customers a cost-effective and convenient way to invest. You can view samples at their showroom and learn more about the products before buying.

When you want something more personalized, you should look at their collection of pure gold jewelry. There are plenty of items, including natural-colored diamonds. Explore their products and find something that catches your attention.

Besides selling precious metals, The Gold Center offers many additional services. Metal refining is one of them, where dealers from across the country send them their scrap precious metal for refining. You might end up getting more for your valuables by selling to them directly.

They also offer estate sale services when you need help liquidating an estate. This is not a common service for most precious metal companies. But they have a team that can help you secure the best deal.

They can also assist with jewelry repair. Things like ring sizing and polishing are easily done at their facility. If you are already working with them, you won’t have to find a new jewelry repair shop.

They have fully-insured and secure vault storage. The segregated bullion storage is under 24/7 video surveillance. Also, armed guards are always present to ensure the 100% non-bank vaults remain safe.

Overall, The Gold Center is a great company with several investment opportunities. Contact their customer support team first if you decide to go with them. They will guide you on steps to take as you try gold investment.


The Gold Center has multiple precious metal products to pick from. You can purchase your gold in whichever form you prefer. Everyone has different investment needs, that’s why their products are available in different sizes.

1. Coins
Perhaps the most common product in their collection is the coins. They buy and sell a wide range of rare coins. Numismatic coins are available; these are small gold coins for investors who want something unique.

The coin can be a bit pricey compared to bullion, but they represent the history of the United States. You can easily form a collection of rare coins in your investment portfolio. The coins are an IRA-eligible investment.

2. Bars
Silver and gold bars are also available for purchase when you don’t like coins. You can even find miniature fractional bars with high-quality gold at affordable prices. Take your time to decide on which precious metal bars are worth investing in.

3. Jewelry
There is an extensive collection of jewelry, including rings and necklaces. These might not be the first things to come to mind when you think of gold investment. But it can be a special way of preserving your money.

You can find pure gold, silver, or even diamond jewelry. If you wish to sell precious jewelry to them, you can also do it. It might be easier to cut out the middleman and sell your jewelry directly to The Gold Center.

4. Timepieces
One of the products on offer is timepieces. The company buys and sells luxurious brands like Audemar Piguet, Patek Philipe, and Rolex. Even if the watch brand you want isn’t available, they are willing to find it for you.

If you can, visit their showroom in Naples for a close-up look at their exquisite watches. It’s also a great chance to see all the other products and inspect them thoroughly before making any purchases.

Product Quality

The best way to guarantee your precious metal investment is by ensuring the product is top quality. You should purchase gold coins or jewelry that will remain marketable for a long time. The best way to determine if a company offers quality products is to look at its reviews.

The Gold Center has hundreds of reviews from verified customers. They have a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. It shows their product surpasses the market standards. There are no complaints from people buying precious metals from the company.

Other customer services are also on point, which makes them worth a try. They encourage reviews on the website because they are confident in what they offer. The jewelry, coins, or bullion you buy as an investment will be quality.

However, it’s always wise to double-check the products when you receive them to confirm you are getting your money’s worth. The gold business is prone to scammers; you have to be very vigilant with your money.

Luckily, The Gold Center passes the quality test. You can buy their products without worrying about getting scammed out of your money.

Upsides And Downsides Of The Gold Center

Going over the good and bad of the company will make decision-making a breeze fir you. When the bad outweighs the good, it’s usually not worth it. These are the main pros and cons of the precious metal company.


1. Wide Product Selection
Some companies will only offer you one or two types of products. The Gold Center has a wide selection of products, including jewelry and coins. Everyone is different; some people want something special and unique before investing.

Investors can select from a vast range of products in different forms and sizes. Instead of going to different places to buy precious metal products, you can get them all under one roof. It’s an ultimate convenience for someone who wants to buy gold but doesn’t know where to begin.

2. Quality Products
The company only sells high-quality gold products. They guarantee that all their products are 99.9% pure gold. Anything less than that is usually a risky investment that most savvy investors won’t even consider.

Pure gold products are a safe bet, especially when you want to make more money from your investment. This makes it a worthy venture for retirement investments. Whether it’s jewelry or a coin, the quality is the same.

3. Quick Shipment
If you buy gold products in the morning, same-day shipping is possible. They try to ensure clients get their products as quickly as possible. There is insurance on all gold shipments, which means your gold is safe if something happens during shipping.

Since gold is very precious and quite costly, you need such insurance for peace of mind. The company is also willing to work with you in case you want faster delivery or other special requests.

4. User-Friendly Website
Most of your purchases and inquiries will likely be happening online. You need a website that’s easy to navigate. The Gold Center website is straightforward; everything is clearly displayed for easy access.

The contact information is readily available, and you can view their products on the site. There is additional information about their buying and selling processes. You can also learn more about their services.

5. Amazing Customer Support
Without great customer service, the company won’t be easily featured in such a review. Their knowledgeable representatives are friendly and always willing to help. They help you protect your hard-earned money by advising on the best investment options.

There will inevitably be questions, especially when it’s your first time investing in Gold. The company’s staff is ready to assist you develop a solid investment portfolio. Their customer support is available every day.

6. Competitive Prices
You can get what you want from their collection at competitive rates, especially the gold bullion. Everyone wants to save some money when making such purchases, and The Gold Center seems to know that.

You can make purchases using a debit or credit card, which is very convenient. It makes the checkout process super easy, and your card information is never retained on the website. Be on the lookout for their great gold deals when you want to save more money.

7. Jewelry Repair
On top of buying and selling gold and silver, the company offers jewelry repair services. It’s like a one-stop shop for all your precious metal deals. If you have been sitting on a precious broken piece for a while, this might be your chance to fix it.


1. High Shipping Costs
The shipping prices on gold items are sometimes high compared to other companies. The costs are based on the weight and type of product you buy. Even though they offer shipping insurance, the costs are higher.

You will notice other gold shops have relatively lower shipping costs. The shipping costs are worth it if you buy large amounts of gold for resale.

2. They Don’t Ship To Certain Countries
The Gold Center doesn’t ship to specific countries. So before you purchase from them, ensure they ship to your country. It’s tricky for customers coming from countries like Germany and Canada to invest in the company.

3. Not The Best For Investors On A Tight Budget
The company may not be the best option for investors with limited budgets. That’s because they don’t sell goods in small packages. You can’t get a 1 gram package for a start.

It’s great to start small when investing in gold before going all out. So if you have small amounts of money, you should look for another company.

The Verdict

The Gold Center is generally a great company. They have great customer support, an array of gold products, and guarantee safety. They are working with many dealers and retailers in the United States.

You can start by talking to their representative to determine what investment opportunities are suited to your needs. Visit their website for more information about their services and products.

Meanwhile, when you want to make a big kill with your precious metal investment, don’t forget your free silver offer from Goldco. You should embrace the lucrative promotion while it’s available.

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