Goldcore Review & Complaints

Goldcore is one of the world’s largest and leading suppliers of precious metals, selling gold and silver to customers across the globe. The company is also known for its wide online presence that claims over a thousand positive reviews from clients, all confirming that it has nothing but a legit and trusted partner in precious metals.

Goldcore is an Irish firm that was established in 2003 with a small client base, but with time it has expanded to over 4200 customers, all contributing to over $200 million. To date, the company resides in Dublin and London and has not expanded into the US but offers some shipments to clients in the United States.

Warning: We do not recommend Goldcore as our top choice if you are looking to invest.

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Suppose you are interested in investing with Goldcore. In that case, you are allowed to select from a wide range of silver and gold bullion available, and the same package will be delivered to your location or your secure vault.

The company has a large global footprint and a strong media and online presence, which can be seen from the financial conferences featured by the firm’s representatives. Lately, they have been featured on CNBC, Wall street journal, CNN, and Bloomberg, to mention a few of the events our representatives have been featured in.

Despite the fact that Goldcore is an Irish firm with no official offices in the US, many of its clients and investors are from the United States. Most customers are wealthy individuals or financial institutions such as estates. On top of its trusted service, the company also provide a variety of storage options.

In addition to the wide options for storage for its customers, they offer a proprietary gold Saver program that allows customers to invest automatically. The company also sell Perth Mint credentials from Perth Mint.

The company has an online bullion platform that allows its customers to keep transacting and placing bids on various precious metals online. This platform means each trader has complete control over their investment and can trade freely. Regarding safety, they have to ensure top security by separating the Gold vaults from the trading platform, meaning you are the only person with sole access to your vault. Besides, all storage options exist independently in any banking system near you.
According to the website, its key mission is to create trust with every client and a system full of honest and dependable representatives to help you make wise and educated investments.

Core Values

Goldcore is designed and built on trust and principles, and from the positive feedback, they clearly adhere to these core values.


Every representative of the company understands that precious metals are the best way to protect one’s wealth and investment. This is because of natural resources (precious metals) hedge against both the economic crash of the stock market and inflation.

Goldcore spends most of its time educating investors and teaching people/investors about diversification and finances. The company also dedicate most of its time to teaching people how different kinds of precious metals perform against the normal currency and traditional assets.

Our company’s officials understand that it is impossible to predict or estimate how the market will shift or behave, and because of this reason, we don’t make any guarantees when advising clients. Rather the company has specialized in various risk management and how an investor can benefit, making the company’s largest goal to destroy any form of misconception about precious metals trade and investments.


Just like any other free market, they offers a wide range of options when it comes to precious metals to trade from or choose from. The platform offers; Pure bullions, numismatic rarities/jewelry, coins, bars and many more. From this, we can say that they stocks pure bullion choices that are of great investment grade in both quality and purity.

Every customer is given options suited to their investment needs; some of that choices are customized on how close the customer will be to their precious metal of choice. If your preferred metals are to be shipped to you, the advice might vary from the one an investor gets who wish to store his/her in a vault.

Being a free market platform means the way you buy or acquire your Silvers or Gold affects your investment. Sel-possession is associated with inherent risk; however, it means your investment will close in case of any disaster. Vault facilities or storage is one of the best and most secure options, and it is hidden away from the effects of taxes and the State’s eyes but comes at a cost.

Warning: We do not recommend Goldcore as our top choice if you are looking to invest.

Out of all the research we’ve done to fine the best company.. Fortunately, our top company, Goldco, is running a limited time promotion and giving away free silver for qualified people.(most people qualify easily) Click Here to get their free guide and see if you qualify!


Innovation is also one of the key values of this company this is because it allows buyers and officials to draft a system that offers the right solutions that meet investors’ situations. They aim to give every customer an ideal solution for their precious metals trading needs allowing a full product innovation. Besides offering investment grades for wealthy investors, the firm also helps customers secure precious metals for other things such as;
– Commodities investments
– Individual portfolio protection
– Use of silver/gold in manufacturing

Goldcore Management

Stephen Flood

Stephen Flood is the company’s CEO, and he has worked with the firm for ten years, and one of his great achievements as the Goldcore CEO is to create a platform that offers better research opportunities by working with the business stakeholders and customers.

Stephen is one of the remarkable business personnel with a business degree and has enjoyed his time in the financial sector, offering investment advice. Apart from Goldcore, Stephen worked in New York for five years and later joined Goldman Sachs; when he returned home, he joined Goldcore and helped in the creation of financial services firm within the platform.

Currently, he is the CEO of the firm, and in addition to the firm’s operations, he leads a team of dedicated and talented people in offering clients advice on the right precious metals to invest in or buy.

David Russell

David Russek is the Director of Marketing and communication; he handles all the marketing, branding and communications for the firm. The idea of precious metal has a global presence with only two physical offices, which makes the whole idea under Russell remarkable.

David has a business degree in financial services, and his journey in investment started in 1997 when he worked as a bank trader. It was during this period that he developed an interest in the precious metal trades. He later joined Goldcore as director of business research and development, and to date, he has taken the role of director of communication and marketing of the firm.

Padraig Oh-larnain

He is the head of the Treasury and Trading department, and he has been with the firm for more than ten years. To date, he takes care of Treasury, developing a new process for the online platform and trading at large. Like others, he has a degree in Finance and computing, and he has worked all his life in the financial industry. He is qualified to handle and manage state taxes thanks to his love for the Irish Tax institute.

Derek Ryan

Derek is the head of Sales, and he has been with them since 2019. Prior to Goldcore, Rayan worked with a lot of financial services giving him more than 20 years of work experience in the financial sector.

Frequent Asked Questions

Is Goldcore a Scam?

It is not a pyramid scheme or a rip-off platform; the company has an excellent and astonishing reputation from clients all over the world, confirming its operations. One of the reasons and questions many clients ask is the reasons why the company has no pages in the Better Business Bureau, and the answer to that is that the company is based in Ireland and not in the US. However, the company is registered as a fully functioning firm in Ireland, and it is insured and licensed. On top of that, the firm has been in business for over 20 years and has a large client base, all rating the firm with positive reviews.

And when it comes to precious metal trades and advice, they are one of the famous European dealers, and it is from these that the current market value of the firm is estimated to be over $200 million.

All financial information about the firm is available for the public to view through the Republic of Ireland site and business registry. The company possess one of the transparency database making it one of the safe and trusted partner to invest with.

In addition, the firm and its official has been brought in as some of the expert personnel in various media shows. For instance, they have a history of being hosted and working with the wall street Journal, CNN, BBC and Bloomberg, and this can be seen on the company’s website with millions of positive reviews.

Pros and Cons

Provide its customers with a lot of choices when it comes to precious metal
Has a long history of offering precious metal platforms that ensure effective trading and investment.
Multiple offices and trusted business models

The platform offers only silver and gold
No IRAS for American customers
The shipping location affects the speed and time of shipping.

Conclusion on Goldcore

Warning: We do not recommend Goldcore as our top choice if you are looking to invest.

Out of all the research we’ve done to fine the best company.. Fortunately, our top company, Goldco, is running a limited time promotion and giving away free silver for qualified people.(most people qualify easily) Click Here to get their free guide and see if you qualify!

If you are in the market looking for a trusted and reputable precious metal platform, then you should consider Goldcore. The firm has nothing but incredible history of providing quality and reliable services to thousands of clients, all ensuring long-term trust.

It is this amazing track record that they have adopted that has helped the firm to be one of the respected and trusted businesses when it comes to precious metals in Europe and in the world. For US customers, shipping might take sometimes but be sure of the package delivery has the company organize on bringing the offices to the US.

On the issue of the lack of precious metals IRAs for US clients, the only way to make a sizable purchase is through securing an IRA. However, they do not have IRA services because of its originality, and this makes it hard for the system to browse or use IRA-eligible items. But if you are in the market looking for a precious metal investor or a platform to help you invest in the same industry, then they has your needs taken care of in a professional and honest way.

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