Liberty Metals Group Review

We keep reading reviews of Liberty Metals Group, and as fabulous as they sound, we found a different favorite – Goldco. We tried Goldco and found their service superior.

Right now, they’re offering a special promotion that gives customers up to 10% off of any order. That means you earn free silver. Let’s say you want to invest $100,000. The coupon saves you $10,000, which you can turn around and still spend on your silver investment. That’s like getting an extra $10,000 in free silver!

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Of course, running a special doesn’t provide a good enough reason to try a company or purchase investments from them. However, when a top-of-the-line company offers terrific specials and superior services, it’s time to try them.

Goldco offers superb customer service, experience in investments and retirement savings, and top-notch industry rankings. Goldco earned:
• Over 1,000+ 5-star ratings online
• Trust of customers who invested more than $1 billion in retirement savings
• AAA customer rated
• A+ BBB Rating
• 5x Inc 500 winner
• 2021 company of the year.

What Liberty Metals Offers

The company Liberty Metals Group supplies investors with FDDI-backed bullion and metals, including palladium, gold, silver, and platinum. The site offers scannable bar codes to make it simple to track the metals you purchase.

These products include many of the same items that Goldco offers, including:
• Gold Canadian Maple leaf
• Gold coins and bars
• Silver coins and bars
• Platinum Coins
• Gold Australian Kangaroo
• American gold buffalos
• Platinum American eagle.

Purchase these bars in denominations or weights such as one-ounce platinum bars, 10 ounces of platinum, five ounces of silver, or 10 ounces of silver. Every bar receives its own tracking stamp, serial number, or content mark to denote the amount of gold or silver content. The company ensures its precious metals denominations exactly match the purchase amount.

What Makes Liberty Group Trustworthy?

Liberty Group has operated as a trusted investment company for more than 10 years and provides full insurance from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Founded in 2010 by husband and wife, Mark and Janet Lonneker, Liberty Metals Group has faithfully served its customers, earning an A+ rating with the BBB in the process.

The company’s key investors include former Majestic Silver Corporation CEO Jonathon Alder and “Mr. Gold” John Fischer. Both individuals have extensive industry experience and offer their expertise along with their investment funds. Located in San Diego, CA, Liberty Metals Group is a subsidiary of Liberty Entertainment Ventures LLC (LIVE).

What Makes Liberty Group Different?

Liberty Metals Group offers a range of delivery options, including bank transfer and residential shipping. The company also features a metal calculator on its site to assist customers in calculating their net worth. This calculator also provides a visual representation of their metals investment.

Initially, the Lonnekers offered only gold products. Specializing helped them establish a foothold in the trading industry quickly. The company leadership grew in recent years when the Lonnekers added their daughter to the primary operations staff of the company.

BizRatings Five Star Company

BizRatings awarded the company a five-star rating out of five, an honor that Liberty earned through customer ratings. This shows how well customer service addresses any issues that do arise. Customer reviews reveal the company’s reliable products.

Better Business Bureau Rated A+

The company also earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which awards its ratings based on the veracity of company reports, licensing, and industry standards. The BBB does not consider customer reviews or ratings in its rating of a business. Liberty has no customers who have filed complaints about them.

Comparing Liberty and Goldco

So, since Liberty sounds great, why choose Goldco instead? Goldco offers a more experienced firm with an active CEO that offers more diverse product options. Plus, there’s the matter of the 10 percent off your purchase.

Founded in 2006 by Trevor Gerstz, Goldco offers precious metals, precious metal IRAs, and traditional 401K accounts. Gerstz serves as both the CEO of Goldco and National Gold Group’s IRA department president.

Goldco also holds a rating of A+ from the BBB, but the industry lauds them with other awards, too. For example, in 2015, the LA Business Journal awarded Goldco the Los Angeles Top Gold IRA firm award. Between its leadership and the additional years in business, Goldco built connections that Liberty doesn’t have, like partnerships with Horizon Bank and Equity Institutional that provides them a backing of nearly $12 billion.

Both companies offer customers a way to contact their customer service by website and phone. Both offer gold and silver bullion products, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Similar Prices

You’ll find similar prices on the products from each company because precious metals sell on a market similar to the US stock market or Japan’s Nikkei. Goldco’s contacts let it offer better advice based on signals that let investors know when they should hedge against inflation. You’ll know sooner if and when a currency will likely devalue.

This makes it challenging for us to determine a Top Five investment firm list. Frequently, firms like Liberty Metals and Goldco went into business only a few years apart. They may manage similar portfolios or offer similar products.

Superb Customer Service

Superb customer service departments abound in the investment industry. Since people move large amounts of money, they expect high-quality customer service. Nearly every investment firm offers this, just as most major precious metals investment firms accept convenient forms of payment, including credit card and wire transfer/bank transfers.

Major Differences

When it comes down to ranking these firms, we rely on what makes them most different from one another. If one offers 24-hour phone support or does as Goldco does and offers a special purchase discount, that elevates their ranking. Liberty Metals’ offer of free shipping doesn’t differentiate them from many other firms, which offers the same.

Quick Shipping from Liberty

They do ship any order placed by 10 pm EST, the following day, using next-business-day delivery. That’s one of the things that Liberty does to stand out. However, when ranking, we simply like the money better. Goldco’s 10% discount on any metals purchase simply gets you more of what you came for since you can spend the money saved on investing in more metals.

Prior Trouble with California Law

A little digging will show you that Liberty Metals Group did not always ship that quickly. In 2015, the state of California issued a cease and refrain order to stop the company from doing business until it addressed delivery issues. Customers who had placed orders in May 2014 had still not received their silver or gold coins in July 2015. The customers filed complaints with the State of California Department of Corporations, which issued to order. Liberty Metals Group amended its policies and became known for its next-day shipping and deliveries.

Liberty’s Pricing Issues

We did note one glaring issue with Liberty Metals regarding their pricing. Their phone pricing and website pricing frequently differ. You also may receive a quote of a different price on metals if you visit their offices in person. This conflict raises a red flag for us.

Liberty only sells most of its products on its website, which lacks prices on some products, hence requiring phone calls. This makes them a poor choice for investors who may not like online trading or dislike making financial transactions online. Liberty Metals sometimes changes based on the quantity purchased and how long the transaction requires.

Liberty doesn’t include a ticker to indicate the fluctuation in gold prices, which makes it tougher to invest wisely. Their prices vary vastly from one order to the next. This type of iffy information can cause major losses for clients, especially those just starting to invest in precious metals.

How Goldco Compares Legally

Goldco’s history appears clean. They have avoided major brushes with the law. In addition to its BBB rating, the company also has a TrustLink rating. That company also rates businesses based solely on customer reviews, similar to what Angi and Google offer, but TrustLink requires purchase from the company, much like Amazon does. Goldco maintains a 4.8 out of 5 ranking with its only complaining customers attributable to common issues that occurred when scaling the business

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How This All Stacks Up

While both companies offer essentially the same services now, we look at their pasts and Goldco comes up the clear winner. When examining both companies’ websites, both firms offer online sales, but Goldco offers an easier-to-navigate website. Liberty’s website doesn’t offer clear navigation.

Goldco offers IRAs and other products as well as precious metals. Liberty Metals Group offers no additional services. When you compare the two to one another, you find that Goldco stands out before offering the 10% discount. With its incentive, we think Goldco simply offers the smarter deal.


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