Mid-American Bullion Review

It is an American company that is centered on dealing with precious metals. The company evaluates the metals and produces gold bars and coins to make its operations flow smoothly. In addition to the services, it offers a retirement plan such as self-directed IRAs.

Moreover, the company offers a series of research that assesses the global economy concerning its products. Nevtan Akcora is the owner. Its current rating is at 4.5 stars.

Mid-American Bullion is not among the top-rated companies in this line of business. It gives a better chance for others that have made it to the list, such as Goldco. We recommend Goldco company as the best place to purchase and invest in precious metals.

Warning: Goldco holds a better rating than Mid-American Bullion (MAB)

According to customer reviews on the two companies, Goldco holds a rating of 4.9 stars, nearly to perfection. It puts the company at the top of the best companies compared to MAB, which still has a long way to go.

The strength of Goldco Company comes from its vision and its impact on its customers. Since it was founded in 2006, its owner Trevor Gerszt has always aimed to help individuals realize the value of precious metals in their possession. The company allows its customers to buy silver and gold coins as investments.

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Types of products at MAB

Gold bars

The company offers varying sizes of gold bars. You can consider buying products of up to 400 oz. There are also varying sizes with different prices.

There is something for everyone. There are also other types of metals that the company invests in.

Platinum bullion bars

The bars are of varying sizes at relatively high prices. One of the advantage of buying platinum is its long-lasting nature. The metal is also white, unlike others, such as gold and silver.

The product is also readily available on the company`s website for an order. Its high rating makes the metal quite precious.

Gold Bar Attributes

Like the rest of the metals, the bars come with varying sizes. However, the most normalized size is one ounce. To ensure your investment’s safety, you can also consider buying varying sizes.

Goldco holdings offer better avenues for investment

The company offers a promotion to its customer. Currently, the company, the number one recommended company among the five best, gives its customers up to 10% of their order on silver. To make it easier to understand, if your investment is $100000, then be guaranteed of getting an extra $10,000 in free silver.

Furthermore, Goldco has a better rating of its product, unlike MAB. For instance, its rating is based on over 1000 + 5 stars from its customers online. As if that were not enough, the company does protect over 1 Billion dollars in its retirement savings.

The company is also considered an AAA customer rated, an A + BBB rating. As if that were not enough, the company is a 5xInc 500 winner. It was thus announced as the best company of the year as of 2021. You must agree that a lot can happen in one year.

Goldco Company products

The company is not left behind on the variance of its products. There are no significant ways through which MAB can be said to surpass its product quality. Goldco company holds a variety of the same products, allowing its customers to select the ones they prefer. For instance, it offers about 16 varieties of gold in different sizes.

Consequently, there are about 19 variations of silver as well. The company has built a good reputation for over 15 years. While it’s true that you cannot add platinum or palladium to the company, it is hard to resist its offers.

Delivery and services at MAB

MAB has optimized its delivery time. Depending on the number of customers and the number of bars you intend to buy, the company ensures a quick response of 7-10 days. However, this may vary at times, being slower or faster.

The company also employs an online platform to offer its services. Its website provides information required to help a customer make a rational decision on their purchase.

Additionally, it has a storage facility that allows dispatch once a payment is made. If the prices of gold hikes, you still stand a chance of making an extra profit. The contract between a client and the company guarantees a profit before payment.

The company also offers repair for any faulty products as soon as possible. Consequently, the company is ready to pay some of the money you may have spent in case of any damage.

Resources for investors at MAB

At the company, you get a chance to invest in all forms of gold that you may have. Even on a tight budget, be assured of making something in return. The company also offers an option to sell your gold if you are unhappy with it.

Additionally, there are no red flags for the company to worry about. It has received reviews from its esteemed customers. The fact that there are excellent comments about the company means that your investment is safe here.

Furthermore, it is not a scam despite its excellent deals and prices. it also endeavors to ensure that the final product you receive is what you order for and nothing less.

Additionally, there is good knowledge management at the company. For instance, its website provides informative information that will help you make the right choice. It’s easy to navigate, thus saving you a lot of time trying to find a product on the list.

Pros at Mid-American Bullion

The company provides several options that a customer can select. Additionally, they take an extra step in notifying its customers whenever a new product arrives. It means that the customers will always be up to date with the latest pricing, products, and sales that the company makes.

The products are also pocket friendly and will fit within your budget. You don’t have to worry about the size of the product you intend to buy. It gives you a chance to make more from a small investment.

The company`s website also takes into account the needs of everyone. For instance, there is no economic discrimination. Everyone is welcomed, be they rich or poor; as long as you can buy a product from the company, you are good to go.

MAB delivery and cancellation terms

Once you have made an order, you’ll receive an email with the package details. It will contain the tracking number such that you can be able to monitor its progress. Ones it arrives, you can pick up your package at the company`s local stores and thus saving you money.

If you intend to return your package, the company has some terms and conditions you must meet. For instance, its products are subject to a 10% return fee. It depends on the purchase price, though.

The return policy is that you do so within five business days from the day of delivery. On this account, you will only receive a different item if the one you return is in its original packaging and condition.

Alternatively, in case of cancellation, the company will refund the amount of money you would have paid for less cancellation fee. Additionally, all documentations have to be approved by the company beforehand.

Delivery and terms of service at Goldco

The company provides details through email and other messaging platforms. It has gone the extra mile by establishing an artificial intelligence platform through which customers can have a live chat with the company. The company is also accountable for any possible product loss during transit.

Why choose Goldco over Mid-American Bullion

Unlike MAB, Goldco has over 4.9-star ratings from over 1000 plus clients. The company has also built a good reputation over the years. It won the Silver 2022 Stevie Winner Award during the American Business Award with an A+ rating. This is but a nut shell of how much customers trust the company.

Goldco also has some of the renounced people who have invested in it. For instance, the famous action movie star Chuck Norris recommends the company by stating, “The only trustworthy company I recommend for gold and silver is Goldco”. There is no way such an individual would recommend a scam.

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Bottom line

Even though Mid-American Bullion has maintained a state-of-the-art service to its customers over the years, it’s time to have a change. Goldco is the way to go.
Its rating and customer reviews put it at the top. Your investment is safe here. Meet the best and build a safe financial future for you and your family.

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